Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Trip to London.

The trip to London is not bad this time. Business and personal both is well balance. This time I gotta see London myself. I enjoy travel alone and just wearing a backpack. This time I travel around the city by the "underground". Also, got a chance to visit the country side and see a beautiful small town. Of course, I also visited Maharishi and GPS store myself. I bought some stuff there as well. Their products is just amazing. I met my friend at the GPS store, he is the store manager name Alex Nash. Is nice that he show me around the store and of course we share the same interest, so is easy to click. Anyway, I will come back to London again in 06' February. I have to bring Phoebe there for vocation next time. The old style building of Europe is just fastastic. November....need to travel down to Atlanta for the next IAAPA show. Not expecting too much from this city.