Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today finally come.

Just came back from Dallas, Gene Cramm was nice and we had a good meeting. Especially I came back to Canada with an P.O.
I finally got my G license before I head to Dallas, I think money play a big part in my road test. No matter how good you drive, no will fail. Anyway, I don't have to do any road test ever again. That's good.
My dream figure Gardener by Michael Lau....someone want it to sell it. And, I'm still consider it since the figure is not cheap. Is just a matter will I ever be able to come across with another one ever again.? I like the Character "Tattoo" and "Brian". They are my dream figure that I wanna to own one before I die. But, I girl friend will be seriously MAD if I got one. *sigh*.......that figure mean a lot to me......anyway, is hard to explain my interest in few words.