Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thinking of Norman.

Everyday I always take a moment to think about Norman. Because now he is gone, he is only appear in my memories. There are a lot of things that I can think back, we were having a good time. Eating together...his concern about my job.....many many more. I know he love me and my brother. Also Phoebe. I always remember that day in the hospital what he say to me, and the day when I phone him and we talk for a long time......~!! I always tell myself, he is the man that I will never forget, and I will let my children know about him. He is the person that gave me the "father love" which I don't have since I was 2 years old. His love to us was short, but I felt that the love that he had for me is still being with me, and I get use to think of him everyday, and I still remember the day at the hospital he told me that "Don't worry your life is just keep getting better". Norman I know you are up there somewhere looking at me.......I will get better and I learned the meaning of life. I love you.