Friday, September 30, 2005

Michael Lau 12" Gardener - Tattoo and Maxx.

I finally going to own my dream figure by Michael lau. His 12" Tattoo. Is good that my good friend Sung from U.S. is also going to get his dream figure "Maxx" too. Now, I'm just hoping the seller will be able to find out the Boxes for both figures. This figure will not be cheap, but I know I can't just let this chance go right pass me. There are less than 10 of that figures in the world. And they are hand make by Michael Lau dring 1998, when he is not famous like today. During that time his release of 12" Gardener figure doesn't attract that much people. Too bad that during that time I was still in high school with no money. Anyway in the future I will be more selective when choosing the figures. Anyway. crossing my finger that this figure will be mine. And, Sung is going to have that Maxx, he is happy too and of course he spend the past 4 years looking for him. Finally Gardener is not a dream is going to turn into a reality.