Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Blog started~!!!

Ok...this would work..~ My personal blog...~!!! This month is not a good month for me....~ That G license drive me nuts. Let me tell you it is crazy, I can not be that bad luck ever again. By the way, next Monday is my 3rd try. This time...I will just take it easy..~ Maybe is beacuse I failed 2 times.......so, I should push myself too hard and feel so upset about it ~ I know I shouldn't take it too serious about this. At least I got 2 more chance after my license expire..~

Then Phoebe have to drive me everywhere I go.
Next Tuesday going to meet the big guy in the industry..Gene Cramm by myself to Dallas Texas. I will come back on Wednesday. This few month going to have lot of travelling to do....I'm a home style of guy....and still I miss playing my toyz. CSBOOTH12 is just around the corner. Sept 23-25.........More figures coming on my way...and more MONEY will be spend$.. I will work hard to earn it back.

Jan Lamb new CD "30'mething" is very good, I like it very much. Is in my car CD player everyday. He still cool after all this year, he is still trendy and of course being creative.

Wish me luck......Let me get that damn G license.